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PFU Corporate Principles/PFU Environmental Commitment/Environmental Policy

With PFU's Environmental Commitment and Environmental Policy based on PFU Corporate Principles, we aim to tackle global environmental issues.
These are the PFU Group's basic philosophies of environmental conservation.

PFU Corporate Principles
(Environment-related description)

  1. Action Principles

    "We will act to keep the environment green."

  2. Vision and Standards for Our Actions

    "We act with an awareness for protecting the environment."

    PFU Group members act with an awareness for living in a way that they benefit from the earth and protecting the environment. We do this by offering eco-efficient products and services, while our employees live and work in a manner that places the least burden on the global environment.

PFU Environmental Commitment

  1. Action Policies
    1. (1) Engage in various activities with all efforts.
    2. (2) Implement corporate responsibility.
    3. (3) Contribute to society.
  2. Action Principles
    1. (1) Business activities should consider environmental impacts.
    2. (2) Natural resources and energy should be used effectively.
    3. (3) Technologies that help conserve the environment should be developed.
    4. (4) Legal rules and out-of-company agreements should be complied with.
    5. (5) Participation and support for environmental strategies and cooperative activities that contribute to societyshould be pursued.
    6. (6) Environmental awareness should be raised through education.
    7. (7) Systems that promote environmental conservation should be established.
    8. (8) Shareholders and affiliated companies should collaborate.
    9. (9) Information should be disclosed, and self evaluations feed back into the system.

Environmental Policy

PFU Limited shall promote three environmental contributions. We promote 1) offering more products, solutions, and services with advanced environmental performance to contribute to our customers' sites (Green Product), 2) improving the efficiency and quality at our own sites, including product development processes, to contribute to the in-house environment (Green Process), and 3) contributing to society through regional environmental activities (Green Mind).

  1. We shall work towards reducing the burden on the global environment by developing high tech solutions and excellent products for our fields of business.
    1. (1) Green Product
      - Continuous creation and provision of eco-efficient products
      - Promotion of environmentally conscious solutions and services
      - Promotion of green procurement
    2. (2) Green Process
      - Improvement of quality and enhancement of business efficiency
      - Promotion of global warming countermeasures
    3. (3) Green Mind
      - Promotion of an environmentally conscious culture
  2. We shall comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, as well as any other standards that we have decided to adopt. Furthermore we shall prevent pollution by establishing our own standards and appropriately managing environmental facilities, related equipment and harmful chemical substances.
  3. We shall establish an Environmental Management System in compliance with ISO14001, and promote environmentally conscious business development, all the while continually improving the system to better conserve the environment.
  4. We shall endeavor to raise all of our employees understanding of our environmental activities, and improve their environmental awareness through environmental education, advertising, and social contribution activities. In addition, we will endeavor to work on global environmental conservation such as tackling climate change and conservation of biodiversity through our business and civic activities to be role models in society.
  5. To promote this environmental policy, we shall establish firm targets and implement effective plans for their achievement.

By carrying out our activities based on the three concepts "Green Product", "Green Process", and "Green Mind", which embody our environmental policies, we contribute to reducing the burden on the environment as well as sustaining the development of our customers and society.

Green Product

We provide eco-efficient products that achieve "energy-saving design", "3R design", and "management of used chemical substances", as well as environmentally conscious solutions for the "enhancement of business efficiency".

Green Process

We promote environmentally conscious activities such as "energy-saving", "saving resources", "enhancement of business efficiency", and "improvement of business quality" at plants, branches, and offices.

Green Mind

We value our relationship with local communities and contribute to the society through local environment conservation activities.

Management Structure

At the PFU Group, we have established an Environmental Management System (EMS) in compliance with ISO14001, an international standard, and we are promoting environmental improvement activities as a unified group.
We established the "Environmental Committee" to discuss and determine the PFU Group's basic and comprehensive measures.

Through the activities of Green IT Evolution, the PFU Group endeavors to reduce the impact of business on the global environment.

ISO14001 Certification

Results in Acquiring Independent Certification

We acquired certification for our Kasashima site (Ishikawa prefecture) in October 1996, the month in which the ISO14001 Environmental Management System Standards were issued. After that, we expanded our certified sites. All sites and sales and maintenance service bases across Japan received certification by October 2008. In addition, an overseas affiliated company has also received certification in March 2010.
Because the Tokyo headquarters and the Tokyo Development Center were relocated to the newly-built Yokohama headquarters in October 2014, we acquired the certifications accordingly in March 2015.

October 1996 
: Kasashima site (Ishikawa)
May 2001 
: Headquarters/Ishikawa Development Center (Ishikawa), Tokyo Development Center (Tokyo)
April 2004 
: Tokyo Headquarters (Kanagawa)
February 2006 
: Kansai Branch (Osaka), Tokai Branch (Aichi), Shinbashi Service Center (Tokyo)
November 2006 
: ProDeS Center (Ishikawa), PFU Techno Wise Takamatsu Plant (Ishikawa)
October 2008 
: Sales and maintenance services in Japan (21 sites)
March 2010 
: PFU Shanghai (Shanghai, China)
March 2015 
: Yokohama Headquarters (Kanagawa) (Operations in the Tokyo Headquarters and TokyoDevelopment Center were combined)
April 2016 
: PFU Quality Service Limited (Kanagawa)

For this certification, all of the sites in Japan, the sales and maintenance service bases in Japan, and an overseas affiliate (PFU Shanghai) that are listed above, as well as eight affiliated companies located within these offices, are now registered as a multi-site system operating under one management system.

Development Center

Yokohama Headquarters

ProDeS Center

Contents of ISO14001 Certification

Scope of Certification
: Design, development, manufacture, sales and maintenance of Hardware of Computer, Peripheral Device, Application Device and Software conducted in PFU Limited, PFU Quality Service Limited, PFU Technical Communications Limited, PFU Techno Wise Limited, PFU Technoconsul Limited, PFU Business Forerunner Limited, PFU Life Agency Limited, PFU Human Design Limited, PFU Creative Services Limited, and PFU Shanghai Co., Ltd
Certification Number
: EC99J2029
Registration Date
: 29/Oct/1996
Renewal Date
: 29/Oct/2017
Issued Date
: 30/Aug/2017
Certificate Expiry
: 28/Oct/2020
Certifying Organization
: Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality (JACO)

Environmental Activity History

Environmental Activity History

Establishment of the Energy-Saving Committee
Establishment of the Environmental Committee
Establishment of the Environmental Strategies, Office Enactment of PFU's Environmental Policy, Start of the First Environmental Action Plan
Publication of the PFU Environmental Report
Start of the Second Environmental Action Plan, Kasashima site receives ISO14001 certification
Introduction of Environmental Accounting
Start of the Third Environmental Action Plan
Start of the Fourth Environmental Action Plan
Start of the Fifth Environmental Action Plan
Sales and Maintenance Service bases across Japan receive IS014001 certification (all sites within Japan have acquired IS014001 certification)
An overseas affiliated company (PFU Shanghai Co., Ltd.) receives IS014001 certification
Ranked 31st in manufacturing in the 14th "Environmental Management Investigation (Nikkei)"
Start of the Seventh Environmental Action Plan
"Ishikawa Satoyama ISO" certification (Ishikawa)
"Hama road supporter" certification (Yokoham
Start of the Eighth Environmental Action Plan


Award for the Promotion of Energy-Saving(Governor of Ishikawa Prefecture)
Excellent Energy Management Plant Award(Chairman of the Central Bureau of Trade and Industry)
Excellent Energy Management Plant Award(Secretary of the Natural Resources & Energy Agency)
Ishikawa Green Enterprise Award(Governor of Ishikawa Prefecture)
Ishikawa Prefecture Creativity and Originality Award in the Occupational Field of the Company (Yonejiro Tsuda Award) for the Promotion of Energy-Saving and the Installation of the High Efficiency Reflective Panel
Excellent Energy Management Company Award(Chairman of the Japan Electric Association, Hokuriku Branch)
Eco Mark Award 2015 Bronze Prize
Excellent Energy Management Company Award (Headquarters)(Chairman of the Japan Electric Association, Hokuriku Branch)