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Areas of Business

Rooted in the technological skill cultivated through computer development, PFU provides total ICT solutions and services-hardware such as document scanners that hold the top number of shares in the world, interactive KIOSKs and embedded computer systems boasting an impressive sales track record, security and document management software and systems, and IT infrastructure design and multi-vendor services coordinated with other enterprises.

  • Solutions and Services
  • Products

Solutions and Services

Service Integration

In addition to services that realize a stable IT environment that supports improvement of business practices and reduction of operational burden at our customers' enterprises, PFU provides services that contribute to a reform in working style by promoting digitalization and the use of collaborative solutions.

Services that promote a reform in working style

  • Document imaging
  • Office document management
  • Collaborative solutions

Services that support operation and improvement of business practices

  • Cloud integration
  • Systems integration
  • Total IT management

Cyber Security

PFU provides cyber attack countermeasure support and security products to protect your information assets from the threat of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

  • Cyber attack countermeasure support
  • Network security appliances: iNetSec Series

IT Services

PFU's engineers use their rich background in IT infrastructure to provide optimum solutions and services that are tailor-made to suit our customers' unique issues.

  • Design and configuration
  • Operation and management
  • Life-cycle management
  • Development and maintenance
  • System optimization



With our solid technological know-how, PFU is there for our customers from development and production to sales and support, be it for document scanners with the highest number of shares in the world, interactive KIOSKs that are handy for various uses such as for e-money charging, embedded computer systems that can be integrated into a variety of devices, or transmission devices for high-resolution video capable of sending high-quality images in real time.

  • Image Scanners: fi Series/ScanSnap Series/associated software
  • Interactive KIOSKs: MEDIASTAFF Series
  • Embedded products and computer systems
  • QoolTornado transmission devices for high-resolution video


OCR software is crucial to document imaging. In addition to offering OCR software specifically designed with a variety of situations in mind, PFU provides software for electronic business form development support, document management, collaborative solutions, and more.

  • Industrial OCR software: DynaEye Series
  • Electronic business form software: BIP Series
  • Document-sharing software: ViaDoc
  • Paper document digitization software: Raku2 Library Series

For Individuals

PFU also produces products designed for private use, such as keyboards and iPhone album scanners.

  • iPhone album scanners: Omoidori
  • World-class mini keyboard: Happy Hacking Keyboard