[Feed option] Window (When Using ScanSnap Cloud)

The [Feed option] window appears when you click the [Option] button for [Feed] in the [Add new profile] window or the [Edit profiles] window. The scan setting items related to paper feeding can be specified in more detail.

This section explains the setting items for a profile that is linked with a cloud service by using ScanSnap Cloud. A setting item which is not supported by a cloud service that you established a link with is not displayed or cannot be selected.

For regions where ScanSnap Cloud can be used, refer to here.

  • You cannot scan documents with the ScanSnap while the [Feed option] window is displayed.

Feed mode

Select a feeding method for scanning documents.

  • Normal scan

    Scans documents which are loaded in the ADF paper chute (cover) on the ScanSnap at a time.

    Scanning is complete with a single scanning operation.

  • Continuous scan

    Scans documents continuously.

    Select this feeding method to scan a large amount of documents thicker than the amount that can be loaded in the ADF paper chute (cover) on the ScanSnap.

  • Manual scan

    Scans documents that are loaded one sheet at a time.

    Select this feeding method to scan documents that can be damaged quite easily such as photographs, documents with overlapped areas such as envelopes, or large documents (larger than A4/Letter size) folded in half.

Document size

Specify the size of documents to be scanned.

  • Automatic detection

  • A4 (210 × 297 mm)

  • A5 (148 × 210 mm)

  • A6 (105 × 148 mm)

  • B5 (182 × 257 mm)

  • B6 (128 × 182 mm)

  • Postcard (100 × 148 mm)

  • Business card (90 × 55 mm, 55 × 90 mm)

  • Letter (8.5 × 11 in., 216 × 279.4 mm)

  • Legal (8.5 × 14 in., 216 × 355.6 mm)

[Reduce vertical streaks] checkbox

Select this checkbox to reduce vertical streaks that are not on the document, but that appear in a scanned image.

[OK] button

Applies the configured settings and closes the window.

[Cancel] button

Cancels the configured settings and closes the window.