Connecting in Direct Connect Mode (iX1600/iX1500)

When you cannot establish a connection to a wireless access point, use a direct connection so that the ScanSnap and a mobile device are directly connected, without using a wireless access point.

The ScanSnap transmits the network name (SSID) instead of a wireless access point. To connect a mobile device to the ScanSnap directly via wireless LAN, establish a connection with the network name (SSID) of the ScanSnap from the Wi-Fi settings on the mobile device.

Note that the ScanSnap does not have a wireless access point function or a router function. Therefore, a mobile device that is connected to the ScanSnap via a direct connection cannot be connected to the Internet or other devices via wireless LAN.

  1. On the touch panel of the ScanSnap, press Settings in the home screen.

    The [Settings] screen appears.

  2. Press Wi-Fi settings.

    The [Wi-Fi settings] screen appears.

  3. Press [Wi-Fi connect mode].

    The [Wi-Fi connect mode] screen appears.

  4. Select [Direct connection].

    The ScanSnap is set to Direct Connect mode.

  5. Press Back twice.

    The [Settings] screen appears.

  6. Press Connecting Devices.

    The [Connecting Devices] screen appears.

  7. Open the screen for setting the Wi-Fi function on the mobile device.

    For details, refer to the manual of the mobile device.

  8. Enter the network name (SSID) and security key that are displayed in the [Connecting Devices] screen in the window for setting the Wi-Fi function.

The ScanSnap and the mobile device are connected directly.