To Start ScanSnap Wireless Setup Tool

When using ScanSnap Home on a computer

Start ScanSnap Wireless Setup Tool from the preferences window in ScanSnap Home.

For details, refer to the ScanSnap Help.

When using ScanSnap Manager on a computer
  • Windows 11/Windows 10

    Select [Start] menu [ScanSnap Manager] [ScanSnap Wireless Setup Tool].

  • Windows 8.1

    Click Down Arrow on the lower left side of the Start screen, and select [ScanSnap Wireless Setup Tool] under [ScanSnap Manager] on the All apps screen.

  • Windows 7

    Select [Start] menu [All Programs] [ScanSnap Manager] [ScanSnap Wireless Setup Tool].

  • Mac OS

    From the sidebar in Finder, select [Applications] [ScanSnap] and double-click [ScanSnap Wireless Setup Tool].