Connecting the ScanSnap and the Computer by Using the WPS Button of a Wireless Access Point

To connect the ScanSnap and a computer via Wi-Fi, you need to connect the ScanSnap and the computer to the same wireless access point. When the wireless access point supports WPS, you can connect the ScanSnap to the wireless access point by using the WPS button of the wireless access point.

After the ScanSnap is connected to the wireless access point, you can use the ScanSnap with the computer.

  1. Set [Wi-Fi connect mode] to [Access point connection] for the ScanSnap.
    1. Press Settings in the home screen on the touch panel of the ScanSnap to display the [Settings] screen.
    2. Press Wi-Fi settings to display the [Wi-Fi settings] screen.
    3. Press [Wi-Fi connect mode] to display the [Wi-Fi connect mode] screen.
    4. Select [Access point connection].
    5. Press Back to return to the [Wi-Fi settings] screen.
    6. Press Back to return to the [Wi-Fi settings] screen.
  2. Connect the ScanSnap to a wireless access point.
    1. Press [Access point connection] to display the [Access point connection] screen.
    2. Press [Access point connect settings] to display the [Connection information configuration method] screen.
    3. Select [WPS (button)].
    4. Press the [Next] button.
    5. Press the button for the WPS function on the wireless access point.

      The wireless access point is ready to be connected from the ScanSnap.

      • For details about the WPS function, refer to the manual of your wireless access point.

    6. Go back to the touch panel of the ScanSnap, and press the [Next] button in the [WPS (button)] screen within two minutes.
    7. Press the [Complete] button in the [Check Connection Results] screen.
    8. Press Home to display the home screen.

The computer and the ScanSnap are connected via Wi-Fi using the same wireless access point.