Using a Proxy Server for the Internet Connection

Configure the Internet connection via a proxy server.

The setting for using a proxy server can be configured when [Access point connection] is selected for [Wi-Fi connect mode].

  1. Press Settings in the home screen on the touch panel of the ScanSnap to display the [Settings] screen.
  2. Press Wi-Fi settings to display the [Wi-Fi settings] screen.
  3. Press [Access point connection] to display the [Access point connection] screen.
  4. Press [Proxy Server] to display the [Proxy Server] screen.
  5. Turn on [Use of Proxy Server].
  6. Press the input field for [Host Name/IP address], enter the host name or the IP address, and press [OK].
  7. Press the input field for [Port Number], enter the port number, and press [OK].
  8. When the proxy server requires authentication, turn on [Authentication] and perform the following operations.
    1. Press the input field for [User name], enter the user name and press [OK].
    2. Press the input field for [Password], enter the password, and press [OK].
  9. Press Home to return to the home screen.

A proxy server is set for the ScanSnap