The ScanSnap Turns Off Automatically

Did you turn on the ScanSnap with the ADF paper chute (cover) closed?

When the ADF paper chute (cover) is closed, if the ScanSnap is left unused with the power on for one minute, it will turn off.

Open the ADF paper chute (cover) to turn the power on.

Has the ADF paper chute (cover) been opened causing the ScanSnap to stay on even though the ScanSnap has not been used for a certain period of time?

If the ScanSnap is compliant with "ErP Lot6", a regulation for energy saving, the ScanSnap will turn off automatically when it is left unused with the power on for the specified time (default is [After 4 hours]) after it is turned on by opening the ADF paper chute (cover).

When the ScanSnap powered by a battery is turned on and left unused for the specified time (default is "5 minutes"), it will turn itself off automatically.

You can change the time of the ScanSnap to turn off automatically or change the setting so that it will not turn off automatically.

For details, refer to Power for the ScanSnap.