Multiple Sheets Are Fed at Once (Multifeed Error is Not Detected)

When scanning with the ScanSnap, if multiple sheets are fed at once, check the following:

Have you selected [Manual scan] for the feed mode setting?

If you select [Manual scan] for the feed mode setting and scan multiple documents, multiple sheets may be fed at once.

Change the feed mode setting to [Normal scan] or [Continuous scan] in the following procedure:

  1. On the touch panel of the ScanSnap, select the profile that you are using from the profile list in the home screen.

  2. Press the feed mode setting icon to change the feed mode setting.

If you change the scan settings on the touch panel and scan a document, after it is scanned, the scan settings will return back to the settings before any changes are made. If you want to scan documents under the same settings all the time, the scan settings need to be saved as a profile.