A Message Is Displayed, Indicating That You Do Not Have Access Permission for a Folder or File or a Message Is Displayed Prompting You to Check Whether Access Permission for a File or Folder Has Been Set (Mac OS)

When you use ScanSnap Home, and if a message indicating that you do not have access permission for a folder or file or a message prompting you to check whether access permission for a file or folder has been set is displayed, access permission may not be set for the following folders:

  • A folder that is managed in ScanSnap Home

  • A folder that is specified as a save destination for scanned images in the settings of a profile

Make sure that the access permission has been set for the folder that you desire in the following procedure:

  1. Select [System Preferences] from the Apple (Apple Mark) menu to display the [System Preferences] window.

  2. Select [Security & Privacy] to display the [Security & Privacy] window.

  3. Select the [Privacy] tab.

  4. Select [Files and Folders] in the list on the left side of the window.

  5. Check that the checkbox for the folder under "ScanSnap Home.app" is selected in the list of applications.

    If the checkbox is not selected, select it to allow the folder to be accessed by ScanSnap Home.

    • If a ""ScanSnap Home.app" will not have access to the files in your "XXXX" folder until it is quit." message is displayed, click the [Quit Now] button to quit ScanSnap Home.

      Note that if you click the [Later] button, quit ScanSnap Home manually in order for ScanSnap Home to be able to access the folder.

  6. Click Close at the top of the window to close the [Security & Privacy] window.