A Message Is Displayed, Indicating that Uninstallation Failed (Windows)

When you install ScanSnap Home, if a message is displayed, indicating that the uninstallation of existing ScanSnap related software failed, check the following.

The uninstallation of existing ScanSnap related software may have failed

If ScanSnap related software is already installed, the existing software is uninstalled automatically when you install ScanSnap Home.

Because the uninstallation of the existing software may have failed, uninstall the existing software manually in the following procedure and install ScanSnap Home again.

  1. Use the uninstall tool (SSHomeClean.exe) to uninstall the existing software manually.

    For details on how to use the uninstall tool and details on the existing software which is to be uninstalled, run a search for "SSHomeClean.exe" in ScanSnap FAQ, click the appropriate link that is listed in the search results, and refer to the webpage.

    Before you run the uninstall tool, read "Installation Information Cleanup Guide for ScanSnap Home" that is on the displayed webpage.

  2. If security software is running on your computer, stop it temporarily.

    For details about how to temporarily stop the security software, refer to the manual of the security software that you are using.

  3. Install ScanSnap Home.

    For details, refer to Setting Up the ScanSnap for the First Time.