Resetting the ScanSnap Settings

The ScanSnap settings can be reset on the touch panel.

The ScanSnap settings that can be reset are as follows:

  • Scanner name

  • Setting for saving to a cloud service

  • Startup mode

  • Auto power Off

  • Display of profiles

  • USB

  • Wi-Fi settings

  • Dust detection

  • Firmware update notification

In addition, Profiles displayed on the touch panel of the ScanSnap are deleted.

Note that even if profiles displayed on the touch panel are deleted, information of the profiles that are managed in ScanSnap Home is not deleted.

For details about how to delete information of a profile that is managed in ScanSnap Home, refer to Deleting a Profile.

For the procedure to reset the ScanSnap settings, refer to the following:

  1. Press Settings in the home screen on the touch panel of the ScanSnap to display the [Settings] screen.

  2. Press Scanner settings to display the [Scanner settings] screen.

  3. Press [Reset ScanSnap settings].

  4. Press the [Initialize] button.

The ScanSnap settings are reset.