Differences in Recognition Accuracy of Text to Be Extracted as a Photo Date

The date displayed in [Photo date] in the [Scan to Folder] window is automatically set by recognizing and extracting the date printed on a photo.

The recognition accuracy of photo date text is affected by text color, font, background, and similar.

Dates with a high level of recognition accuracy

  • Dates printed in an orange 7-segment font distinguishable from the background

    7-segment Font
  • Dates printed in orange or white text distinguishable from the background

    White Text

Dates with a low level of recognition accuracy

  • Dates printed in fonts other than a 7-segment font, such as a digital font formed by dots

    Digital Font
  • Difficult-to-read dates with text in a color that is too light or difficult to distinguish from the background

    Difficult-to-read Text
  • Dates with text in a color such as yellow, blue, or black

    Blue Text
    Black Text
  • Dates written by hand

Factors other than text that affect recognition accuracy

In addition to the date text printed on a photo, recognition accuracy is affected by the following:

  • Photo size

    Recognition accuracy lowers when the size of a photo differs greatly from the following sizes.

    • 89 × 127 mm (3.5 × 5 in.)

    • 102 × 152 mm (4 × 6 in.)

    • 127 × 178 mm (5 × 7 in.)

  • Locale (information of the country and region) of your computer

    The date text may not be recognized due to incompatibility between the date format printed on the photo and your computer locale settings (country and region information).