Scanning Double-Sided Business Cards

Scan the front side and then the back side of a double-sided business card with the ScanSnap to import a single content data record for the business card.

  1. Open the feed guide of the ScanSnap to turn the power on.
    Opening the Feed Guide
    Opening the Feed Guide
  2. Click the [Scan] button at the top of the Main Window of ScanSnap Home to display the Scan Window.

    If the main window is not already displayed, refer to To Display the Main Window.

    Mac OS

    If the main window is not already displayed, click the [ScanSnap Home] icon ScanSnap Home Icon in the application list that appears when you click Launchpad in the Dock.


  3. Select [Business Cards] from the profile list.
    • When [Business Cards] is not displayed in the profile list, create a new profile. When you create a new profile, select [Business Cards] as a template profile.

      For details, refer to Creating a New Profile.

  4. Select a scanning side for a document.

    When the scanning side setting icon displayed on the right side of the [Scan] button in the scan window is Simplex, select [Duplex] in the [Side setting] window that is displayed when you clicked the icon.

  5. Insert the document straight into the feeding section of the ScanSnap, with the front side of the document facing up.
    • If you scan a business card with the output guide open, a paper jam may occur and damage the business card. Scan a business card with the output guide closed.

      Closing the Output Guide
      Closing the Output Guide
    • Insert one document at a time. When you perform a dual scan (Two documents are inserted and scanned at the same time or one document is inserted while another document is being scanned in the ScanSnap) on a double-sided business card, the scanned images of the double-sided business card that you scanned cannot be made into a single content data record.

    • When [Business card (90 x 55 mm, 55 x 90 mm)] is specified for the document size in the profile, be sure to insert the document as you place it against the left side of the feeding section.

      Aligning the Document
      Aligning the Document
  6. Press the [Scan/Stop] button to start scanning the front side of the document.
  7. When "Turn over the document and insert it." is displayed, turn over the document and insert it into the ScanSnap.
  8. Press the [Scan/Stop] button to finish scanning the document.

The image created from the front side and back side of the document that you scanned is saved as a single content data record in the folder which is specified for [Save to] in the profile.