Placing a Document

When you place documents under the ScanSnap, use the Background Pad.

If you scan a document without the Background Pad, the edges of the document may not be detected correctly and the created scanned image may be different from the document.

Scan area

Place a document with the scanned side face-up in the following scan area.

Use the following to determine the scan area.

  • Area: Reference marks of the Background Pad

  • Height: Lines on the base of the ScanSnap

Scan Area
  • If a document is placed outside of the scan area, part of the scanned image may be left out or blurred.

When placing a standard size document

When you select an option other than [Automatic detection] for the paper size in the profile settings, align the center of the document with the centering mark on the ScanSnap.

How to Place a Standard Size Document

When placing a book

Place a book as follows:

  • Open a book horizontally.

  • Align the center of the opened book face-up with the centering mark.

  • Hold the book down with fingers within the appropriate areas.

    When holding the book down, use your fingers as follows:

    • Keep your fingers straight.

    • When using multiple fingers to hold down the book, keep fingers apart by at least 2 cm (0.79 in.).

How to Place a Book

When placing a photo

Align the center of the photo with the centering mark of the ScanSnap.

How to Place a Photo

When placing multiple documents at once

To scan multiple documents at once, place them in the following conditions:

  • The documents must be placed at least 15 mm (0.59 in.) apart from each other.

  • The number of documents placed must not exceed 10.

How to Place Multiple Documents