To Edit an Image

  • The images in the content data records in the [Cloud] folder displayed when Cloud on the toolbar in the main window is clicked cannot be edited. In the [Cloud] folder, content data records that are saved on the ScanSnap Cloud server are displayed.

    For regions where ScanSnap Cloud can be used, refer to here.


The images in a PDF format or JPEG format can be edited in the ScanSnap Home viewer.

However, for the images in a PDF format, only the images of documents scanned with the ScanSnap can be edited.

Select a content data record with an image to be edited in the Content Data Record List View in the Main Window, and then start up the ScanSnap Home viewer by performing one of the following operations:

  • Double-clicking the content data record

    If an application other than the ScanSnap Home viewer is started, you need to select [ScanSnap Home Viewer] for [View images] in the [General] tab of the preferences window.

    To display the preferences window, select [Settings] [Preferences] from the menu on the main window.

  • Right-clicking a content data record and then selecting [Open with ScanSnap Home Viewer] from the menu that appears.

Mac OS

If the file format is supported by Preview, you can edit the scanned images with Preview.

If you associate the file format of the images with Preview, you can open a content data record with Preview by double-clicking it in the Content Data Record List View of the Main Window.

In [Merge Pages] in ScanSnap Home, you can only edit an image which is created by scanning documents with the ScanSnap.