Deskewing Text and Illustrations on a Page (Windows)

In the ScanSnap Home viewer window, correct skewed text and figures on a page of a multi-page image.

  1. Display the Main Window of ScanSnap Home.

    For details, refer to To Display the Main Window.

  2. In the content data record list view, select a content data record with a multi-page image containing a page that has text and illustrations that you want to deskew and then display the viewer window.
  3. Select a page with skewed text and illustrations that need to be corrected.

    When the view mode is [Show the page only], display the page to be corrected.

    To switch the view mode, click [Switch View] on the [Home] tab to display the submenu and select the view mode that you want to switch to from the submenu.

  4. Click Deskew on the [Edit] tab to display the [Deskew] window.
  5. Drag the page or specify a degree to rotate the page in the [Deskew] window to correct skewed text and illustrations.

    The page rotates around Center Mark as the center.

    The red subdivisions are used to check the tilt of the text and illustrations, and the space between the subdivisions can be adjusted with [Space between Subdivisions].

  6. Click the [OK] button.
  7. Click the [File] tab and select [Save] or [Save as] from the file menu.

An image with the text and figures deskewed is saved.