Rotating a Page 90 or 180 Degrees


In the ScanSnap Home viewer window, rotate pages of which the page orientation was incorrectly recognized when documents are scanned with the ScanSnap, or rotate pages of your choice.

  1. Display the Main Window of ScanSnap Home.

    For details, refer to To Display the Main Window.

  2. In the content data record list view, select a content data record with an image which contains a page you want to rotate and then display the viewer window.
  3. Click [Switch View] on the [Home] tab to display the Pages Panel.
  4. Select a page to be rotated from the Pages Panel.

    When you rotate multiple pages, select the pages while holding down the [Ctrl] key or [Shift] key.

  5. On the [Edit] tab, click Rotate 90° CCW, Rotate 180°, or Rotate 90° CW to rotate the page.
  6. Click the [File] tab and select [Save] or [Save as] from the file menu.

An image with the page rotated is saved.

Mac OS

Images can be edited with Preview.

For details, refer to the Preview Help.