Part Numbers of Carrier Sheets/Photo Carrier Sheets

When scanning documents that can be damaged quite easily, use an optional Carrier Sheet or Photo Carrier Sheet. Documents larger than A4 (such as A3, B4, and Double Letter size) can be scanned with the Carrier Sheet.

Check the part number of each sheet before purchasing them.

  • When the feed mode is set as [Manual scan] in the home screen on the touch panel, documents larger than A4 can be scanned directly without the Carrier Sheet.

    Fold a document larger than A4 in half and scan it. The scanned images of the left and right pages of the document are automatically merged.

    For details, refer to Scanning Documents Larger than A4 or Letter Size.

Carrier Sheets

Part number: PA03360-0013

Quantity: 5 sheets

Carrier Sheets
Photo Carrier Sheet

Part Number: PA03770-0015

Quantity: 3 sheets

Photo Carrier Sheet

The Carrier Sheet/Photo Carrier Sheet should be replaced approximately after every 500 scans.

However, replace them if damage or dirt is noticeable.

For details about purchasing the Carrier Sheet/Photo Carrier Sheet, refer to "Suppliers of Consumables/Optional Parts" in Customer Support.