Replacing the Roller Set

Replace the consumable (Roller Set) of the ScanSnap when the replacement cycle is reached.

The suggested replacement cycle is as follows:

  • Every 200,000 sheets scanned

    Note that a notification (Notification) appears on the touch panel of the ScanSnap when the number of sheets scanned reaches 200,000.

  • Every one year of use

Replace the consumable when either the number of sheets scanned or the period of use reaches the suggested replacement cycle.

  • Before replacing the consumable, you must turn off the ScanSnap and unplug the power cable from the AC outlet. Not doing so may cause fire or electrical shock.

  • Do not place internal parts such as the brake roller and the pick roller within reach of small children. Doing so may cause injury.

  • The bottom part of the ScanSnap may become hot when the ScanSnap is being used, but this does not affect ScanSnap operation or cause any physical harm. Be careful not to drop the ScanSnap when carrying it.

  1. Prepare a new consumable.

    Product Name

    Part No.

    Roller Set


    For purchasing details, refer to "Suppliers of Consumables/Optional Parts" in Customer Support.

  2. Unplug the power cable of the ScanSnap from the AC outlet.
  3. Remove any documents from the ADF paper chute (cover).
  4. Watch the following video to remove the Receipt Guide if it is attached.
  5. Watch the following video to replace the consumable.
  6. When you finish replacing the consumable, connect the power cable to the AC outlet, and turn on the ScanSnap.
  7. Reset the Roller Set counter.
    1. Press Settings (notification) in the home screen on the touch panel to display the [Settings] screen.
    2. Press Maintenance (notification) to display the [Maintenance] screen.
    3. Press [Check consumable status] to display the [Check consumable status] screen.
    4. Press the [Reset] button.
    5. When a message is displayed, press the [OK] button.

      The value of the current count for the [Current Count / Replacement Cycle] is set to "0".