Claiming Business Expenses or Performing Accounting Operations in a Cloud Service

Scanned results of receipts are uploaded to a business expense management cloud service or an accounting cloud service. Simply scanning receipts automatically enters the amount of business expenses in the service or automatically sorts the scanned results, which reduces time that is required for burdensome management.

This section explains how to establish a link with a cloud service by using ScanSnap Cloud.

Before using ScanSnap Cloud, you need to agree with the Terms of service for ScanSnap Cloud and configure the settings. For details, refer to Saving a Scanned Image in a Cloud Service by Using ScanSnap Cloud.

For regions where ScanSnap Cloud can be used, refer to here.

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This section explains how to scan a large number of multiple receipts at a time by using the Receipt Guide and save the data consisting of expenses on the receipts in a cloud service.

  • When you scan small size documents that are folded or curled such as receipts, it is recommended that the documents be scanned one by one.

    Specifying [Manual scan] for [Feed mode setting] on the touch panel of the ScanSnap prevents paper jams so that documents can be scanned without any damage. For details, refer to Scanning Documents That Are Folded or Curled such as Receipts One by One.

  1. Prepare documents to be scanned with the ScanSnap.

    Prepare receipts that you want to manage in a cloud service.

  2. Open the ADF paper chute (cover) of the ScanSnap to turn the power on. Open the feed guide of the ScanSnap to turn the power on.

    Opening the ADF Paper Chute (Cover)

    Opening the ADF Paper Chute (Cover)

    Opening the ADF Paper Chute (Cover)

  3. Prepare a profile in ScanSnap Home.
    1. Click the [Scan] button in the upper left of the Main Window of ScanSnap Home to display the Scan Window.

      If the main window is not already displayed, refer to To Display the Main Window.

      Mac OS

      If the main window is not already displayed, click the [ScanSnap Home] icon ScanSnap Home Icon in the application list that appears when you click Launchpad in the Dock.


    2. Click Profile Adding Icon to display the [Add new profile] Window (When Using ScanSnap Cloud).
    3. Select [Managing Accounts and Expenses in a Cloud] from the template list on the left side of the window.
    4. In the list that is displayed when you click the [Select] button for [Cloud Service] in [Save destination], select a cloud service to specify it as a save destination.

      If necessary, change other scan settings.

    5. Click the [Add] button to add this profile to the profile list in the scan window.
  4. In the home screen on the touch panel, select the profile that you added in step 3 from the profile list.
  5. Scan a document with the ScanSnap.
    1. Pull out the extension and the stacker on the ADF paper chute (cover).

      Pulling Out the Extension

    2. Attach the Receipt Guide.

      For details, refer to Attaching the Receipt Guide.

    3. Load a document in the ADF paper chute (cover).

      Load the receipt according to the width of the guides on the Receipt Guide.

      Load the receipt face-down and top-first with its back facing you.

      Loading Documents
    4. Press the [Scan] button.

An image of a document that you scanned is saved in the cloud service that you specified for the save destination.

To check if the scanned image is saved in the cloud service that you specified for the save destination, refer to the manual of that cloud service.