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Software change history


V1.0L21 --> V1.0L22

The following modifications have been made.

  • Supports changes made on Facebook servers.

V1.0L20 --> V1.0L21

The following modifications have been made.

  • Enhanced the linkage with ScanSnap SV600.
    - The "point retouch" function, with which the captured finger areas are filled in, is available when scanning a flat document.
  • Supports changes made on Facebook servers.
  • Corrected the program to get Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Language Pack appropriate for the the Windows language environment to be installed.

V1.0L11 --> V1.0L20

The following modifications have been made.

  • Supports ScanSnap SV600.

V1.0L10 --> V1.0L11

The following modifications have been made.

  • Extended the supported files
    - PDF and Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) are supported.
    The PDF and Office files can be imported.
    You can start the associated application such as Adobe Reader, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to display and edit the files by clicking the file icon.
  • Enhanced the ScanSnap linkage
    - PDF imported from the ScanSnap can be displayed in thumbnail view, and each page can be extracted in JPEG format.
  • Added and improved the content item related functions
    - A list panel that can list the content items was added.
    From the list, you can control the content items on the desktop area, such as bringing the content items to the front, showing or hiding the content items.
    The content items in the list can be sorted by the title or by the date created.
    - Files can be imported by dragging and dropping.
    - Content items can be extracted from the desktop area to any folders.
    - The title for each content item (memo, image, file, clipboard) can be changed.
    - The memo font can be changed.
    - The content item layers remain in order even after Magic Desktop exits.
  • Improved the Dashboard
    - The message viewing area can be expanded for longer messages that are posted.
  • Improved the label
    - The number of content items that are registered with a label can be displayed.
  • Added the sample content items for users to experience
    - The sample content items can be placed at the initial startup.

    To place the sample content items manually, select [Let's Experience] from the [Start] menu.
    • Windows® XP/Windows Vista®/Windows® 7 [Start] - > [All Programs] - > [Magic Desktop] -> [Let's Experience]
    • Windows® 8 [Start] - > [All apps] - > [Magic Desktop] - > [Let's Experience]