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The following principles are based in the FUJITSU Way, and are hereafter delineated in order that all members faithfully and thoroughly reflect the spirit, values, and standards of behavior common to the entire PFU group.

1. Our Goals

With a firm foundation in the values common to the FUJITSU group, the PFU group strives to continually create new value. With a strong base in information technology, we aim to quickly and continuously provide products, services, and solutions that satisfy our customers, through doing so achieve profit and growth, and flourish together with society both globally and locally.

2. Our Principles

Customers : We will support the progress of our customers

Employees : We will treat each and every employee as a central player

Quality : We will strengthen the brand trust and market presence of Fujitsu and PFU

Environment : We will strive to "go green" in all areas

Profit and Growth : We will meet the expectations of our customers, employees, and shareholders

3. Our Mission and Code of Conduct

The "Our Mission" and "Code of Conduct" sections specify how each and every company employee should act in order to achieve the goals outlined above in "Our Goals" and "Our Principles."
"Our Mission" outlines concretely the ideal PFU to which we aspire.
"Code of Conduct" forms the base of rules underlying the responsibilities that must be fulfilled as a company as a whole, as individuals, and as members of society.

a. Our Mission

We aspire to be known for technological skill and reliability

The PFU group aspires to be known for technological skill and reliability, and strives to help our customers and society to flourish.
In order to achieve this, each and every employee, in addition to acquiring a high level of technological skill, will have tenacity toward and possess a strong sense of responsibility regarding areas such as quality and timeliness.
By treating other departments within the company as if they were customers, and working faithfully to ensure quality, we will make the entire PFU group an organization that can be trusted.

We aspire to be a “true partner” to our customers

The PFU group will foster the inherent skill and creativity of each and every employee to create superior products.
We will strive to become a “true partner” to our customers by further and continuously strengthening the skills we have cultivated in development, manufacturing, and provision of solutions and services, and continue to take on new challenges free from existing methods.

We aspire to be number one

All members of the PFU group are constantly improving their skills, and aspire to be the number one in their field.
As a result, every member is a central player and actively contributes.

We foster human integrity and respect individuality

All members of the PFU group seek to better themselves, and we aspire to foster their personal integrity as human beings and increase their presence.
Additionally, all members respect and are considerate of the individuality of others while engaging in active communication to create a cheerful, lively workplace.

We will act with awareness of environmental change

All members of the PFU group will maintain awareness that everyone's life depends on the earth, and act while remaining conscious of environmental preservation.
Furthermore, we will strive to eliminate the burden of our products and services on the natural environment, monitor environmental change while going about our daily lives, and act in ways conducive to environmental protection.

b. Code of Conduct

We respect human right

We will without question never infringe on human rights, and will never endorse or overlook, but rather resolutely address infringement on human rights by others.
We will learn to recognize discrimination and never engage in discrimination or permit it to occur. We will maintain a firm understanding of human rights issues, and foster a deep respect for and sense of human rights.

We comply with all laws and regulations

We will respect and obey laws, Cabinet Order, ordinances, and customs that are recognized as just by society, and continuously confirm that our behavior does not violate them.
Furthermore, in dealings overseas we will maintain a thorough understanding of the laws, history, customs, and ethnicity of the country in question and act appropriately.

We will maintain confidentiality

We will not disclose confidential company information to any party outside of the company without having completed the appropriate procedures, nor use such information for any purpose other than conducting company business.
Specifically, in dealing with company information, customers' information, and personal information, we will manage the information appropriately and conform to the procedures delineated in the Information Management Regulations and related regulations.

We protect and respect intellectual property

In order to receive the full protection of our intellectual property by the law, we will faithfully obtain patents, copyrights, and trademarks, and consciously work to increase the profits of the company.
In addition, we will respect the intellectual property rights of others, and will be thorough and careful in dealing with them.

We will not commit acts for personal gain

We will never misuse our position in the company, or act in breach of our duties and attempt to gain undue profit for ourselves or related persons.
We will never use or dispose of (selling, lending) PFU group's assets, including software and equipment, for a purpose outside of conducting company business.

We will conduct fair trade

We will not treat customers differently without due cause. We will always treat our suppliers with respect.
We will never use unfair methods against our competitors, and will always maintain a fair competitive relationship with them.