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Environment (Environmental Policy)

PFU Limited shall promote three environmental contributions. We promote 1) offering more products, solutions, and services with advanced environmental performance to contribute to our customers' sites (Green Product), 2) improving the efficiency and quality at our own sites, including product development processes, to contribute to the in-house environment (Green Process), and 3) contributing to society through regional environmental activities (Green Mind).

  1. We shall work towards reducing the burden on the global environment by developing high tech solutions and excellent products for our fields of business.
    1. (1) Green Product
      - Continuous creation and provision of eco-efficient products
      - Promotion of environmentally conscious solutions and services
      - Promotion of green procurement
    2. (2) Green Process
      - Improvement of quality and enhancement of business efficiency
      - Promotion of global warming countermeasures
    3. (3) Green Mind
      - Promotion of an environmentally conscious culture
  2. We shall comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, as well as any other standards that we have decided to adopt. Furthermore we shall prevent pollution by establishing our own standards and appropriately managing environmental facilities, related equipment and harmful chemical substances.
  3. We shall establish an Environmental Management System in compliance with ISO14001, and promote environmentally conscious business development, all the while continually improving the system to better conserve the environment.
  4. We shall endeavor to raise all of our employees understanding of our environmental activities, and improve their environmental awareness through environmental education, advertising, and social contribution activities. In addition, we will endeavor to work on global environmental conservation such as tackling climate change and conservation of biodiversity through our business and civic activities to be role models in society.
  5. To promote this environmental policy, we shall establish firm targets and implement effective plans for their achievement.