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Manual Creation

We provide user-friendly manuals based on our expertise in creating and translating product manuals.
With advanced technologies such as XML and DITA, we create manuals at a lower cost compared to conventional methods, by supporting various media for a single source and improving the quality.
By working together with you in the early design phase of the product, we support the standardization of the manual creation processes and the global expansion of your business from the manual creation point of view.

Support from Japanese Manual Creation to Localized Overseas Expansion

Four Features Leading To Reliability

High-quality Technical Writing

Based on 30 years of achievements in manual writing, we can provide solutions to both quality improvement and cost savings. We can respond to your various needs by designing/proposing a completely optimized process that focuses on the IT product manuals and by introducing advanced technologies such as DITA and FlexTC+.

Translation into Multiple Languages

We provide translations into the major languages of the United States, Europe, and Asia. By creating an original source document for the purpose of multilingual translations, our user-friendly translations are localized for each region.

Flexible Project Teams from Small to Large

Teams consist of a project manager, a writer, a translator, and an editor that suit the customer's requests by providing a one-stop service that includes planning, writing and translating the manual, adjusting the schedule, and managing the quality. By handing off the manual creation to us, the burden of creating manuals can be removed.

Manual Creation to Fully Utilize the Products

We create manuals for the user that introduce/convey the most optimal way of using the product that is easy to understand, read, and search. We support raising the user satisfaction by focusing on the product's value and introducing the product's functions so that they can be fully utilized.