ScanSnap Folder Operations

This section explains ScanSnap Folder.

"ScanSnap Folder" is a temporary folder where you can save images scanned with the ScanSnap to upload the file to a Web application or attach the file to an e-mail.

ScanSnap Folder supports a wide range of applications including Web applications.

By selecting ScanSnap Folder from the file selection window of the application, you can scan a document from the ScanSnap. You can use the scanned document file directly in the application.

Overview of ScanSnap Folder
You can use ScanSnap Folder with applications or cloud services that support the following:
  • PDF files or JPEG files
  • Those without a file format specified

The files in ScanSnap Folder will be deleted automatically after a set number of days because it is a temporary folder. The number of days to keep the files can be changed. For details, refer to the ScanSnap Manager Help.