Reducing Faded Colors and Blown-Out Highlights (For SV600)

Faded colors and blown-out highlights can be reduced in the scanned image.

When the [Thicken color images] checkbox is selected, the following checkboxes are disabled:

  • [Reduce bleed-through] checkbox
  • [Brightness (black & white only)] checkbox
  • [Increase text contrast] checkbox
  1. In the ScanSnap setup window, select the [Scanning] tab, select [Color] for [Color mode], and click the [Option] button.
    ScanSnap Setup Window
    • The [Scanning mode option] window appears.
  2. Click the [Image quality] tab, and select the [Thicken color images] checkbox.
    Scanning mode option
    • The following message appears.
      ScanSnap Manager
  3. Click the [OK] button to close all the windows.