Correcting Skewed Character Strings

When documents with skewed character strings are scanned, the ScanSnap is able to detect the skewed character strings and correct them.

If the Carrier Sheet is used for scanning, skewed character strings are not corrected.


When [Automatic detection] is specified for [Paper size] in the [Paper] tab of the ScanSnap setup window, the skew in the image is always corrected. Therefore, [Deskew by text on document] does not have to be enabled.

  1. In the ScanSnap setup window, select the [Scanning] tab, and click the [Option] button.
    ScanSnap Setup Window
    • The [Scanning mode option] window appears.
  2. Select the [Deskew by text on document] checkbox.

    For SV600, the [Deskew by text on document] checkbox is located in the [Image quality] tab of the [Scanning mode option] window.

    Scanning mode option
  3. Click the [OK] button to close all the windows.
  • Up to ±5 degrees of skew can be corrected.
  • Skewed characters are corrected based on the character strings printed on the document. Therefore, the scanned image for the following types of documents may be adjusted at the wrong angle.

    In that case, clear the [Deskew by text on document] checkbox:

    • Documents on which pitches between lines or characters are extremely narrow, or characters are overlapped
    • Documents with many outlined or decorated characters
    • Documents with many images (such as photographs and figures) and few characters
    • Documents with characters on a patterned background
      Example: Characters overlapping illustrations and diagrams
    • Documents with long diagonal lines
    • Documents including handwritten characters