Creating Searchable PDF Files

The ScanSnap is able to perform text recognition on a scanned image automatically and create a searchable PDF file.
  1. In the ScanSnap setup window, select [PDF (*.pdf)] from the [File format] drop-down list in the [File option] tab.
    ScanSnap Setup Window

    It is recommended that you select [Better] or [Best] for [Image quality] in the [Scanning] tab of the ScanSnap setup window.

  2. Select the [Convert to Searchable PDF] checkbox.
    ScanSnap Setup Window
    • The following message appears.
      ScanSnap Manager
  3. Click the [OK] button to close the message.
  4. Specify the options for [OCR options].
    ScanSnap Setup Window
  5. Click the [OK] button to close all the windows.
  • Scanned images of the following types of documents (characters) may not be recognized correctly.

    In that case, better results in text recognition may be achieved by changing the setting for [Color mode] or specifying a higher resolution in [Image quality].

    • Documents including handwritten characters
    • Documents with small characters scanned at a low resolution
    • Skewed documents
    • Documents written in languages other than the specified language
    • Documents including texts written in italic characters
    • Documents containing characters with superscripts/subscripts and complicated mathematical expressions
    • Documents with characters on an unevenly colored background
      Example: Shaded characters
    • Documents with many decorated characters
      Example: Decorated characters (embossed/outlined)
    • Documents with characters on a patterned background
      Example: Characters overlapping illustrations and diagrams
    • Documents with many characters contacting underlines or borders
    • Documents with both text and diagrams or tables
  • When book image correction is performed on a scanned image, the text on the scanned image may not be recognized correctly. In that case, better results in text recognition may be achieved by changing the settings for the following:
    • Color mode
    • Image quality
  • It may take extra time to perform text recognition on the following documents:
    • Documents with complex layouts
    • Documents with information other than text
      Example: Text on a shaded background
  • If bleed-through reduction is enabled, the recognition rate may be lower. In that case, disable it in the following procedure.

    Select [Scan Button Settings] → [Scanning] tab → [Option] button from the Right-Click Menu to show the [Scanning mode option] window. Clear the [Reduce bleed-through] checkbox (for SV600, the [Reduce bleed-through] checkbox is located in the [Image quality] tab on the [Scanning mode option] window).