How to Mark Character Strings

To set keywords for PDF files, mark a character string to be set as a keyword with a water-based highlight pen so that the character string is completely covered. When you perform a scan, the marked character strings are recognized and set as keywords for the PDF file.

Example of a Searchable Character String

Mark black & white documents in the following way:

  • Any regular highlight pen can be used.

    The following table shows the colors and thickness recommended for highlight pens:

    Pink Yellow Blue Green
  • Mark a straight line over a single character string.
  • The supported range of a marked section is as follows:

    Minimum: 3 mm [0.12 in.] (short side) × 10 mm [0.39 in.] (long side)

    Maximum: 20 mm [0.79 in.] (short side) × 150 mm [5.91 in.] (long side)

  • Use only one color per page for marking.
  • Make sure to cover the entire character string when marking it.

    Mark sections so that the entire section is evenly colored.

    Good Example Bad Example 1

    (does not cover the entire section)

    Bad Example 2

    (unevenly colored)

    Good Example
    Bad Example 1
    Bad Example 2
  • Do not mark more than ten sections per page.
  • iX100/S1300i/S1300/S1100i/S1100
    • It is recommended that you use a blue or a green highlight pen for marking. When you use colors such as pink or yellow for marking, the marked sections may not be recognized as keywords.
    • Use a blue highlight pen for documents with dark background colors such as newspapers. Marked sections may not be detected when a color other than blue is used.
  • For the following documents, marked sections cannot be recognized and set as keywords:
    • Color documents such as catalogues or pamphlets
    • Documents in which two or more colors are used for marking
    • Documents containing colors other than for marking (pens other than highlight pens are used or the document is stained)
    • Documents with too many marked sections on a single page
  • The following types of marked character strings cannot be set as keywords:
    • The size of the marked section is outside the supported range
    • The marking is irregular (for example, skewed)
    • Multiple marked sections are too close to each other
    • The color of the highlight pen is too pale or the color has faded
      Bad Example 3
  • When you mark more than one character string, make sure to leave a gap of at least 5 mm (0.2 in.) between the marked sections. Marked sections that are too close to each other may be detected as one marked section.
  • When a marked section overlaps the line above and below, the overlapped character strings around the marked section may also be set as keywords.
  • In the following cases, unmarked character strings may be set as keywords:
    • Color documents such as catalogues or pamphlets
    • Documents with color text, diagrams, pictures, tables or lines
    • Documents containing sections framed by a highlight pen
    • Stained documents
  • Increase the resolution when you have trouble setting the keywords correctly.
  • Keywords set for a PDF file can be checked in the ScanSnap Organizer Main Window (thumbnail view), or in [Document Properties] of Adobe Acrobat/Adobe Reader.