Reducing Bleed-Through

The bleed-through that appears in the scanned image when there is text or illustration on the back side of the document can be reduced.
  1. In the ScanSnap setup window, select the [Scanning] tab, and click the [Option] button.
    ScanSnap Setup Window
    • The [Scanning mode option] window appears.
  2. Select the [Reduce bleed-through] checkbox.

    For SV600, the [Reduce bleed-through] checkbox is located in the [Image quality] tab on the [Scanning mode option] window.

    Scanning mode option
    • The following message appears.
      ScanSnap Manager
  3. Click the [OK] button to close all the windows.

For documents described below, bleed-through reduction may not function effectively. In that case, clear the [Reduce bleed-through] checkbox.

  • Documents with light colored letters or pictures/documents with thin letters or lines/documents with a dark background color

    The color may not be reproduced or the color may be changed. If you want to recognize the marked character strings, the recognition rate for the characters may be lowered.

  • Documents where the color for letters is light or the letters are thin

    The recognition rate for the characters may be lowered.

  • Documents with a lot of bleed-through

    The bleed-through may be emphasized.