Deleting Blank Pages (Not Applicable to SV600)

The ScanSnap can detect and automatically delete blank pages from a scanned image. For example, when you scan a mixed batch of double-sided and single-sided documents in duplex mode, the images are generated without the back sides of the single-sided documents (blank pages).


Blank pages are not deleted when CardMinder is used.

To delete blank pages, select [Blank page removal] in the [Scanning] tab of the ScanSnap setup window.

ScanSnap Setup Window

The following documents may be detected as blank.

  • Almost blank documents with only a few characters
  • Documents of only one color (including black) and without any patterns, lines or characters

When you scan such documents, clear the [Blank page removal] checkbox.

Also make sure to check the image data for accidentally deleted pages when discarding the scanned document.