Starting Scanning Automatically (SV600)

By using the following functions, you can start scanning automatically.
  • Page turning detection

    The ScanSnap automatically detects page turning and starts continuous scanning.

    This is useful for scanning multiple pages of a book continuously.

    • When using the page turning detection, place only one book.
    • When pages are turned quickly, the page turning detection may not work correctly. If the page turning detection does not work, turn pages slowly.

    The page turning detection can also be enabled by pressing the [Scan] button on the ScanSnap for two seconds or longer before scanning a document. In this case, when one scanning operation is finished, the page turning detection returns to disabled.

  • Timed mode

    You can set the wait time before starting scanning after the [Scan] button is pressed. You can also scan a document continuously at a specified time interval.

    This is useful for scanning various forms of documents continuously.

  1. In the ScanSnap setup window, select the [Scanning] tab, and click the [Option] button.
    ScanSnap Setup Window
    • The [Scanning mode option] window appears.
  2. Click the [Scan] tab.
    Scanning mode option
    • Setting the page turning detection

      Select the [Configure settings for starting the next scan] checkbox and then [Page turning detection mode].

      Scanning mode option
    • Setting timed mode
      • To set the time before the ScanSnap starts to scan a document:

        Select the [Specify the waiting time to start scanning after pressing the [Scan] button] checkbox, and then specify [Waiting time].

        Scanning mode option
      • To repeat a document scan after every specified time interval:
        1. Select the [Configure settings for starting the next scan] checkbox, and then select [Timed interval (Timed mode)].
        2. Specify [Scan interval].
        Scanning mode option
  3. Click the [OK] button to close all the windows.