How to Perform a Scan

This section explains how to use the ScanSnap to perform scanning.

You can scan documents in two different ways. Choose either way depending on your intended use of the scanned image.


For SV600, you can also perform the scanning of documents by using a foot pedal that supports shortcut keys (keyboard shortcuts).

For details, refer to the ScanSnap Manager Help.

Scanning Using the Quick Menu

After scanning the document using the ScanSnap, you can simply select the application from the displayed menu to save, send as e-mail, or print the scanned image, as well as link the ScanSnap with an application or cloud services.

Scanning using the Quick Menu is set on default.

Scanning Using the Quick Menu

For details, refer to Selecting Operations from the Quick Menu.

Scanning Using a Profile

Select a previously set profile (scan settings and an application to be linked) and simply press the [Scan] button to scan the document and link with the application.

It is convenient to use when you want to scan a document using the same scan settings repeatedly.

Scanning Using a Profile

For details, refer to Profile.

Scanning Using ScanSnap Folder

By selecting ScanSnap Folder from the file selection window of the application, you can scan a document from the ScanSnap. You can use the scanned document file directly in the application.

Scanning Using ScanSnap Folder

For details, refer to ScanSnap Folder Operations.