Managing Scanned Images in ScanSnap Organizer

This section explains how to save the scanned image file in ScanSnap Organizer.
  1. Click the [ScanSnap Organizer] icon ScanSnap Organizer in the Quick Menu.
    • The [ScanSnap Organizer] window appears.
      ScanSnap Organizer
  • You cannot start scanning when the Quick Menu is displayed. Wait until ScanSnap Organizer links before scanning another document.
  • Do not move, delete, or rename scanned images using other applications while the Quick Menu is displayed.
  • For details about the functions of ScanSnap Organizer and how to use it, refer to the ScanSnap Organizer Help.
  • Profiles can also be used for the linkage function. For details, refer to Profile.
  • ScanSnap Manager can link with ScanSnap Organizer automatically. For details, refer to Automatic Linkage with Applications.