Saving Data to Google Drive

This section explains how to save the scanned image as a PDF file to Google Drive.
  • You need to create a Google account (free).
  • [Scan to Google Drive] is not available in a proxy environment that requires authentication upon connecting to the Internet.
  1. Click the [Scan to Google Drive] icon Scan to Google Drive in the Quick Menu.
    • The [Scan to Google Drive] window appears.
  2. Enter your e-mail address and password, and then click the [Sign in] button.
    Scan to Google Drive
    • A window appears.
  3. Click the [Accept] button.
    • Text recognition is performed. The following window appears during text recognition.
      Scan to Google Drive
      • If [JPEG(*.jpg)] is selected for [File format] in the [File option] tab of the ScanSnap setup window, a separate PDF file will be created from each JPEG file.
      • Note that text recognition will be performed only on pages containing text which is not yet recognized.
    • Saving to Google Drive starts.
  4. Click the [Close] button to close the [Scan to Google Drive] window when the saving is completed.
    Scan to Google Drive

    Google Drive does not start up after the saving has completed. To check the saved PDF file, start a web browser and log into Google Drive.

  • You cannot start scanning when the Quick Menu is displayed. Save the PDF file to Google Drive before scanning the next document.
  • Do not move, delete, or rename scanned images using other applications while the Quick Menu is displayed.