Changing the Display Order of Profiles

This section explains how to change the display order of profiles.

However, you cannot change the [Standard] display order.

  1. Select [Profile Management] from the Right-Click Menu.
    • The [ScanSnap Manager - Profile Management] window appears.
    • If you cannot select [Profile Management] in the Right-Click Menu, clear the [Use Quick Menu] checkbox in the ScanSnap setup window.
    • You can also display the [ScanSnap Manager - Profile Management] window by selecting [Profile Management] from [Profile] in the ScanSnap setup window.
  2. Select a profile from the list to arrange profiles in a different order.
  3. Click the [Up] or [Down] button to move the profile to a desired position in the list.
    ScanSnap Manager - Profile Management
  4. Click the [Close] button to close the [ScanSnap Manager - Profile Management] window.