Changing Profiles

This section explains how to change the scan settings for a profile.
  1. Select [Scan Button Settings] from the Right-Click Menu.
    • The ScanSnap setup window appears.
  2. Clear the [Use Quick Menu] checkbox.
  3. Select a profile to change from [Profile].
    ScanSnap Setup Window
  4. Change the scan settings in each tab.

    For details about each tab, refer to the ScanSnap Manager Help.

    ScanSnap Setup Window
  5. When you finish changing the settings for the selected profile, click the [OK] button.
    • The overwrite confirmation window appears.
  6. To overwrite the profile, click the [Yes] button. To save the settings as "Standard", click the [No] button.
    ScanSnap Manager

    The confirmation message does not appear when the [Standard] profile is selected in step 3.