How to Configure Scan Settings

You can configure ScanSnap Manager scan settings in the ScanSnap setup window depending on your intended use of the scanned images.
  1. Open the ScanSnap setup window.
    • Scanning using the Quick Menu or profile:

      Select [Scan Button Settings] from the Right-Click Menu.

    • Scanning using ScanSnap Folder:

      Select [ScanSnap Folder Settings] from the Right-Click Menu.

    • The ScanSnap setup window appears.
  2. Configure the scan settings in each tab.
    ScanSnap Setup Window

    For details about each tab, refer to the ScanSnap Manager Help.

  3. Click the [OK] or [Apply] button.
    • Scan settings are changed.
      • When you use the Quick Menu, scan settings for the [Customize] button are changed.
      • When you use a profile, scan settings for the currently selected profile are changed.

    If you press the [Scan] button on the ScanSnap while the ScanSnap setup window is displayed, the ScanSnap setup window closes and scanning starts. Scan settings that you have changed are saved and documents are scanned by these settings.

    Note that when other windows are open, these windows are not closed and scanning does not start even if you press the [Scan] button on the ScanSnap.

  • When you connect SV600 and another ScanSnap to a computer, you can change the settings for each ScanSnap. For details, refer to When Two ScanSnaps Are Connected to a Computer (For SV600).
  • You can also open the ScanSnap setup window by the following ways. If the "ScanSnap Folder" folder is opened, the ScanSnap setup window for ScanSnap Folder appears.
    • Double-click the ScanSnap Manager icon Communicating.
    • Press [Ctrl], [Shift], and [Space] keys simultaneously.
    • Select from the [Start] menu.
      • Windows 10

        Select [Start] menu → [ScanSnap Manager] → [ScanSnap Manager settings].

      • Windows 8.1

        Click Down Arrow on the lower left side of the Start screen, and select [ScanSnap Manager] → [ScanSnap Manager settings] on the All apps screen.

      • Windows 7

        Select [Start] menu → [All Programs] → [ScanSnap Manager] → [ScanSnap Manager settings].