Adding Applications

This section explains how to add an application.

Up to any 10 applications can be added.

  1. Select [Scan Button Settings] from the Right-Click Menu.
    • The ScanSnap setup window appears.
  2. In the [Application] tab, click the [Application Settings] button.
    • The [Applications to Show/Hide] window appears.
  3. Click the [Settings] button.
    • The [Add or remove application] window appears.
  4. Click the [Add] button.
    Add or remove application
    • The [Application Settings] window appears.
  5. Click the [Browse] button.
    Application Settings
    • The [Select application] window appears.
  6. Select an application to be added, and click the [Open] button.
    • The application path is displayed in [Application Path] on the [Application Settings] window.
  7. Enter the following items:
    • Application Name
    • Description
  8. Under [Available file format], select the checkbox for a file format to be linked.
    Application Settings

    As needed, check if an application to be added supports your desired file format.

    The procedure is as follows.

    1. Click the [Test] button next to the checkbox.
      • A confirmation message appears.
    2. Click the [OK] button.
      • The [Select File] window appears.
    3. Select a file of the same format as you want to link, and click the [Open] button.
      • If the application to be added supports the file format, the selected file opens. If the selected file does not open, select another file format or application.
  9. When you finish specifying the settings, click the [OK] button.
    • The application is added to the [Add or remove application] window.
  10. Click the [Close] button to close the window.
    • The application name is added to [Application].

When the [Use Quick Menu] checkbox is cleared in the ScanSnap setup window, clicking the [Add or Remove] button in the [Application] tab displays the [Add or remove application] window.