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TimeStamp creation process

EOL of Service

PFU TimeStamp Service is a speedy Internet based service whose use of hash data ensures speedy transmissions, even when TimeStamps are attached to large digital documents.
Furthermore, this TimeStamp Service is useable anywhere Internet access is possible.


  1. Hash values are a type of digital "fingerprint" that are often given names such as "message digest". They are created when original digital data is converted into hash values in an irreversible "one-way" process that involves the creation of one way fixed-length numerical data. Since it is virtually impossible to reproduce the original data from this hash value data, or to create other digital data that has the same hash value, comparing hash values with the original digital data allows the verification of whether or not the original data has been altered.

  2. SSL is the acronym for "Secure Socket Layer", a type of encryption technology that encodes transmitted data so that it cannot be viewed by outside parties.