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Functionality and Strengths

EOL of Service

PFU TimeStamp Service's functionality

PFU's TimeStamps are attached to digital data to promote reliability by offering "proof of existence" and "proof of completeness" verifiability.

PFU TimeStamp Service Strengths

Ease of use

TimeStamp's prepaid format guarantees trouble-free use down to the last TimeStamp. (No time based restrictions on shared usage.)
No monthly charges or other periodical service fees.

World's first(Note1) ten year term of validity SHA-512 hash algorithm using TimeStamp Service.

  • Uses reliable encryption technologies (SHA-512, RSA2048).
  • Japan's first international standard conforming TimeStamp service (RFC3161, ISO18014).
  • TimeStamp Authority has an eleven year term of validity.

PFU TimeStamp Service is recognized as a reliable time-authentication service by Japan Data Communications Association

  • The first SHA-2 data alteration recognition service (October 31, 2005).
  • Compatible with digital documentation used to comply with various laws and regulations, such as Japan's e-Document law.

Highly reliable time verification service model

PFU's TimeStamp service incorporates third party companies into its TimeStamp Authority (TSA) and its Time Authority (TA).

→ Seiko Instrument Inc.'s Chronotrust Time Service delivers and audits the correct time.

→ TimeStamps are created at PFU's TimeStamp Authority, based on transmissions sent by Japan Certification Service Inc.(Note2) transmissions.

PFU's TimeStamp tools support various applications.

  • TimeStamp acquisition tool (downloaded free of charge).
  • Downloadable verification tool facilitates easy TimeStamp verification.
  • Shows when TimeStamps and digital signatures have been attached to digital data.
  • Usable with various types of digital data, such as PDF, JPEG, HTML, text, EDI data files.
  1. TSU (TimeStamp Unit) receives times that have been transmitted and audited by a third party.

  2. Japan Certification Service Inc. (JCSI) was Japan first certification service.