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Introducing RakuRaku Library Smart Functions

RakuRaku Library Smart's Library, Bookshelf and Binder Archiving Methodology

RakuRaku Library Smart is capable of digitally archiving the equivalent of 10,080,000 digital pages in up to 10,080 e-binders. (A maximum of 1,000 pages can be entered into each e-binder)

File large volumes of paper documents and data

  • (*1) Maximum quantity within 1 storage
  • (*2) Counts as 2 binders when arranging a binder to show the cover of the binder.

Simple registration of paper documents and electronic data

  • Using ScanSnap or TWAIN devices, you can directly import paper document data and business card data to opened pages of existing document data.
  • By the simple operation of merely touching the Scan button on ScanSnap, you can import the data of paper documents up to A3 size (*3).
  • When scanning paper documents, you can import the character strings of the documents as text information, and use it to search for pages.
  • You can import electronic data files to the opened pages of existing document data by the simple operation of merely dragging and dropping.

  • (*3) Scan A3 size and B4 size documents using the ScanSnap option "ScanSnap Carrier Sheet".

Scan books easily when connected to ScanSnap SV600*

  • This software enables users to create digitized books with the same cover, spine and size of the book on the virtual bookshelf when using ScanSnap SV600 to scan books. (*4)
  • You are able to set the page turning direction, so the scanned book is easy to read and can be flipped just like the real book. (*5)

  • *Available to V1.0L20 or later.
  • (*4) When scanning using other ScanSnap models besides ScanSnap SV600, you can manually change the cover page, spine and image of the binder. However, you cannot change the size of the scanned page.
  • (*5) The software automatically recognizes the page turning direction when using page turning detection function. It is possible to change the page turning direction after scanning the book.
  • (*6) The continuous scanning function is not set in the default setting.

Management with a virtual electronic bookshelf also is simple

  • By adopting a screen design that faithfully reproduces an actual bookshelf, you can manage binders in a visually easy-to-understand way.
  • Operation is intuitive, as you can arrange binders on the bookshelf showing the cover of the binder.
  • While clicking with a mouse, you can view data with the sense of turning the pages of an actual binder.

Screen design of a virtual bookshelf (6 patterns)

View data with the sense of turning paper pages

You can retrieve a data to a Mobile Device via Wi-Fi, and perform simple editing

You can retrieve a Bookshelf to "楽2ライブラリ Smart for iOS" (*7) or "楽2ライブラリ Smart for Android" (*8) of a Mobile Device, and utilize the data at anytime. You can edit the retrieved data, including adding a comment to it.

  • (*7) 楽2ライブラリ Smart for iOS is available as a free download from App Store of Apple Inc.
  • (*8) 楽2ライブラリ Smart for Android is available as a free download from Google Play of Google Inc.

You can store data to a cloud service, and utilize it anywhere

You can forward a data to a cloud service (SugarSync, Dropbox), and view the bookshelf on a Mobile Device anytime and anywhere. (*9)

  • (*9) You cannot apply easy annotations (highlight and memo) added to data obtained via a cloud service to data on a computer.

  • * We sell this product only in Japan.

RakuRaku Library Smart