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Introducing Rack2-Filer Functions

Rack2-Filer's Library, Cabinet and Binder Archiving Methodology

Rack2-Filer is capable of digitally archiving the equivalent of 2,520,000 digital pages in up to 2,520 e-binders. (A maximum of 1,000 pages can be entered into each e-binder)

Importing Data

Files away documents that have been scanned by TWAIN scanners or ScanSnap scanners.

Photo album function
Organize your photos in convenient photo album binders. With Rack-2 Filer, collectively filing and sorting digital photos produced by ScanSnap or a digital camera is simple.

File not just scanned photos, but a wide range of paper media (regular office documents, business cards, receipts and such) with this function and edit and page through them on a PC like a real photo album using Rack2-Filer's acclaimed virtual interface.

(Note1) To ensure that photos do not incur damage during scanning, insert photos in the ScanSnap Carrier Sheet which is bundled with the iX500/S1500/S1500M. The carrier sheet is available as an option for iX100/S1100i/S1100 owners.

Viewing Data

Switching the Cabinet Display Mode
The cabinet display mode can also be switched by right-clicking within the cabinet (except on the binders) and selecting "1-Shelf View" or "3-Shelf View".

Zooming a Selected Area
Lets users enlarge a specific area.

Upload digital image files to iPad/iPhone devices/cloud services

Rack2-Filer is equipped with the same portable device/cloud upload functions as ScanSnap, opening up a greater range of uses.

(Note1) Evernote, Google Docs™, Salesforce Chatter, SugarSync
(Note2) iPad, iPhone 3GS or later, iPod touch 3rd or later

Editing Data

Attaching sticky notes to filed pages
Sticky notes can be attached to portions of images that the user wishes to highlight.

Embedding hyperlinks in filed pages
Hyperlinks can be embedded in a selected page location.

Adding Divider Sheets
Divider sheets can be used to separate filed contents in Rack2-Filer binders when a binder has been opened to show two pages.

Affixing stamps to filed pages
Stamps can be attached to filed images

"Spread", divide, delete and "gather" images.

  • Merge
    Single pages can be merged into a "stack".

  • Split All
    Pages that have been "merged" together can be shown separately


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