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Q & A

Before you buy

  1. Which operating systems does Rack2-Filer support?
  2. Does Rack2-Filer support 64bit operating systems?
  3. What language(s) does Rack2-Filer support?
  4. Will Rack2-Filer support Mac operating systems in the future?
  5. What are the system requirements for using Rack2-Filer?
  6. What are the system requirements for using Rack2-Filer Lite?
  7. I would like to use a scanner to import documents into Rack2-Filer. What scanners does Rack2-Filer support?
  8. Do you have any plans to support thin clients, such as Citrix, in the future?
  9. Can I use Rack2-Filer when I switch the displayed language using "Regional and Language Options" on the control panel? Furthermore, does Rack2-Filer support displayed languages when they have been changed in Windows® MUI?
  10. What is the Windows® 7 support status for Rack2-Filer?
  11. What are the cautions for use in Windows® 7?
  12. What is the Windows® 8 support status for Rack2-Filer?
  13. What are the cautions for use in Windows® 8?
  14. What is the Windows® 8.1 support status for Rack2-Filer?
  15. What are the cautions for use in Windows® 8.1?
  16. What is the Windows® 10 support status for Rack2-Filer?
  17. What are the cautions for use in Windows® 10?

Once you've started

Scanner settings

  1. How can I import files created with my ScanSnap scanner into Rack2-Filer?
  2. Can I change scanning settings?
  3. Is there any difference between importing files from either ScanSnap or TWAIN supporting fi-Series scanners, in terms of Rack2-Filer operations?

Importing documents and electronic data

  1. Which file formats does Rack2-Filer support when importing electronic data?
  2. Why are the PDF files that are imported by Rack2-Filer larger than standard PDF files?
  3. How can I import multiple files at once?
  4. Are files saved in a PDF format in Rack2-Filer binders?
  5. How much data capacity is required to store images in Rack2-Filer?
  6. What should I do when a scanner generated image is displayed upside down in my Rack2-Filer?
  7. When I printed the electronic data that I imported into my Rack2-Filer, its format differed from the original page settings. What can I do to solve this?
  8. Can I directly import Word and Excel electronic data into Rack2-Filer without activating Rack2-Filer?
  9. Can I import Word (doc), Excel (xls) or PowerPoint (ppt) files into Rack2-Filer with the free viewers (Word Viewer, Excel Viewer and PowerPoint Viewer) that are made available by Microsoft®?
  10. What is the Rack-2 Filer support status for Microsoft® Office 2010?

File management

  1. How many binders worth of electronic data can I import into Rack2-Filer?
  2. Can I view all of the binders that are stored in a cabinet at once?
  3. Can I change the number of libraries, cabinets, and binders that information is stored in?
  4. Can I change the order in which binders are displayed?
  5. How can I move an image from the Temporary binder to another binder?

Display screen operation

  1. Can I edit just one side of a page?
  2. When I imported a file, one side of the page turned out blank. How do I delete the blank page?
  3. Can I save and print individual pages?
  4. Can I insert an index even when the binder is empty?
  5. Can I use Acrobat® Reader® etc. to view PDF binders which have been saved in a local hard drive? Also, I was wondering whether or not I could perform OCR on these PDF files.
  6. I scanned and filed an A3 document in 2-Page Mode. How can I remove the binder rings that are displayed in the center?
  7. Can I attach files that I organised in Rack2-Filer to E-mail?
  8. Can I use my usual E-mail application to send files as E-mail attachments?
  9. What is the difference between the "File" button and the "Import" button when generating files?
  10. Can I view data which was imported using Rack2-Filer on a PC without having Rack2-Viewer installed?
  11. Why can't I modify the original documents?
  12. I cannot move pages when they are displayed in thumbnails.
  13. Why does it take so long to flip pages (about 5-10 seconds per page)?

Operation / Specification

  1. How do I backup and migrate data?
  2. I would like to put multiple files into one binder at once. How do I do that?
  3. How can I avoid attaching an index to every file?
  4. How do I change or delete items in "Contents"?
  5. How can I change the order in which items appear in "Contents"?
  6. How do I directly import images into Rack2-Filer from TWAIN supporting Fujitsu fi-Series scanners?
  7. How do I enlarge displayed images?
  8. How do I import original Word and Excel data into Rack2-Filer?
  9. How can I send files that have been saved in Rack2-Filer binders to another computer?
  10. Can I import landscape images in a manner that shows these images in landscape?
  11. How can I import password protected PDF files?
  12. How can I save files with divider sheets?
  13. Can I view Rack2-Filer in a computer that has not had Rack2-Filer installed in it the same way I can with a Rack2-Filer installed computer?
  14. What is the difference between "Copying original files" and "Linking to original files" when enabling [Retain source files by...], which is located under the [Page Insertion] tab
  15. How do I change PDF icons back to PDF icons after they have been changed into binder icons?
  16. Can I specify a Windows® encrypted folder as the backup folder for the Rack2-Filer Backup & Restore Tool?
  17. Can I just install and use Rack2-Viewer?


  1. Where is the serial number listed?
  2. What do I do if I forget my activation code?
  3. My computer's operating system has been changed and I forgot my Rack2-Filer activation code. What should I do?


  1. What do I do when imported Excel images become skewed?
  2. Why are text extraction results different before and after importing?
  3. A message saying "After selecting (or starting) the target binder (Rack2-Viewer) at the destination, click the OK button" appears when I am scanning documents and a Rack2-Filer binder is open. What should I do?
  4. A message stating "Program could not continue to process operation. Uninstall Rack2-Viewer, restart your computer, and install Rack2-Viewer again" appears when I try to modify and save electronic data files and I cannot modify the data file in question. What should I do?
  5. A message stating "Program could not access LibRoot Folder. Please review LibRoot Folder setting and check its attributes." appears in [Viewer Settings] and I cannot complete the configuration. What should I do?
  6. An error message stating "Specifying multiple files is not supported" appears on my screen. What should I do? (This issue does not affect ScanSnap scanners)
  7. Highlighted areas occasionally spread out onto the next page and then disappear when using Rack2-Viewer in 2-page mode.
  8. Why do "sticky notes" occasionally move beyond the area of displayed pages when Rack2-Viewer is in 2-page mode?
  9. Even if I have run OCR, no key text block is created and pages cannot be searched.
  10. When a PowerPoint file is imported, the [Creating image data from source file. Please wait.] dialog box appears, and the import process may not finish.
  11. When trying to import a source file, [Program encountered error while reading or inputting files. Check file contents and amount of free disk space, and try again.] appears.
  12. Problems arising from use in an environment with antivirus software installed.
  13. An extra blank space may appear around pictures or documents imported into a Rack2-Filer binder. Also, the content may shrink after importing.
  14. My computer fails to connect to an iPad/iPhone/iPod touch device.
  15. I cannot open the "Rack2 Mobile Link - Basic" dialog box.
  16. When I launch the Rack2-WorkArea window repeatedly, the window shifts or does not display.
  17. Rack2-Filer fails to log-in Google Docs (TM) and cannot export data to Google Docs (TM).


  1. Why does the indicator occasionally remain displayed and operation freezes when importing data files from Word, Excel or PowerPoint?
  2. What precautions should I take when importing data from the print function or other applications?
  3. What precautions should I take when setting Acrobat-related product print settings when importing files into Rack2-Filer?
  4. What precautions should I take when enabling Rack2-Filer's "Place over-sized files on facing pages" setting?
  5. What precautions should I take when using Rack2-Filer with the "Automatically correct for skewed scanner input" and "Automatically correct for upside-down scanner input" settings have been activated?
  6. What precautions should I take when using "Automatically remove blank pages from scanner input"?
  7. What precautions should I take when using Rack2-Filer with a scanner that is running on a WIA driver?
  8. What precautions should I take when linking Rack2-Filer with ScanSnap Organizer?
  9. What precautions should I take when extracting text from generated images when linking Rack2-Filer with ScanSnap S500?
  10. What precautions should I take when using high resolution data?
  11. What precautions should I take when linking Rack2-Filer with ScanSnap S500?
  12. What precautions should I take when importing PDF files?
  13. Can I cause any problems by turning off my computer while Rack2 Folder Monitor Software is running?
  14. What precautions should I take when using Windows® "System Restore"?


  1. Can I specify a LibRoot folder as a network folder?
  2. The following are error messages that may appear when using the "Scan to Google Docs(TM)" function.
    • "Failed to save to Google Docs(TM). (400) Ending this process."
    • "An internal error occurred. (403)"

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