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Hardware and Software


Image scanner

  • fi Series
    World's top document scanners
  • ScanSnap
    Fast document scanning for business professionals

Interactive KIOSK

    Information KIOSK supports various I/Os
  • MEDIASTAFF MC model "Smart Teller"
    Information KIOSK which can use for Electronic money charge and sales promotion


  • Happy Hacking Keyboard
    The ultimate in high-grade compact keyboards, this is the choice for those who won't settle for anything less than the best.

Embedded Computer


  • System On Module
    CPU, chipset, and other major components crammed into a compact package for embedded applications
  • Embedded Computer
    Intel® processor powered computers for embedded applications with compact, 1U, and slim/mid-size tower sizes.
  • Panel Computers
    Panel computers for manufacturing industries powered by Intel® processor.

Video Transmission

  • QG70
    Ultra-High-Definition realtime IP video transmission


Enterprise Content Management

  • OnBase
    This general content management system handles mainly document management and work flow.
  • RakuRaku Library Smart
    RakuRaku Library Smart allows you to manage, view, and edit data as if you are handling actual binders in a bookshelf.
  • RakuRaku Library Documnet Manager
    Document management software digitizes large volumes of paper documents and allows secure sharing of information at the department level.

Printing tool

  • BIP/BIP for Web
    Business list support tool

Network Access Control (NAC)

  • iNetSec
    JAPAN     USA

    iNetSec Inspection Center
    Comprehensive NAC solution to enforce security policies

    iNetSec Smart Finder
    Network Asset Visualization and Security Appliance

    iNetSec Intra Wall
    Internal countermeasure appliance against targeted cyberattacks