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(Kiosk service platform for Web applications)

KIOSK SERVICE PLATFORM is a Web application platform for PFU interactive KIOSKs. This packaged development platform, exclusively available for PFU MEDIASTAFF KIOSKs, greatly reduces application development time and cost as well as ongoing operational and maintenance costs

KIOSK SERVICE PLATFORM is a platform for providing information services via Web applications. It provides packaged functions for information Kiosk that are required for development of Web applications. This enables the developer to concentrate solely on development of the application, and therefore greatly reduces development time and cost.
KIOSK SERVICE PLATFORM also enables the provision of information services that are customized for each user, and the output of forms via Web applications. This increases the flexibility of development, and consequently supports strategic utilization of information KIOSK.


Improved Efficiency of Web Applications Development for Interactive KIOSK

KIOSK SERVICE PLATFORM provides rich browsing functions equivalent to those of Internet Explorer 11.0(IE11.0).

Also, the use of KIOSK SERVICE PLATFORM reduces the need for development of functions accompanying I/O control that are specific for interactive KIOSK (such as magnetic card reader and thermal printer), and functions required to operate the terminal (such as outputting logs, detecting errors, and displaying guidance when you change paper and when a card jam occurs).

Various Useful Functions

Information encoded in magnetic cards, IC cards, or bar code cards can be sent to the Web application. Also, forms can be printed out to the MEDIASTAFF printer via Web applications You can utilize these functions to perform various information services.

Ease of Operations

The KIOSK SERVICE PLATFORM makes operations easy by the following functions:

  • KIOSK SERVICE PLATFORM provides automatic recovery and error handling for unattended kiosks.
  • KIOSK SERVICE PLATFORM allows maximum benefit from a web application including centralized control of content; centralize update of content sent to multiple kiosks.
  • In the event of a service suspension (such as a network disconnect) during operations, the kiosk will return the customer card and switch to a special instruction screen for the customer.

* KIOSK SERVICE PLATFORM can be used only for TM, TS, NP and MC models.