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What is an Interactive Kiosk?

Definition of an Interactive Kiosk

This is an example of an Interactive Kiosk

A kiosk is an interactive system designed for public use that delivers information or enables transactions.
Standard or custom applications developed for information kiosks provide customers with information, the ability to participate in loyalty programs, and transaction capability. Enterprises deploy kiosks to increase customer loyalty, strengthen their brand with target customers, and reduce operational costs.

A kiosk includes a computer and a display screen and allows for customer input of data via an input device such as a touch screen or keyboard. A kiosk differs from a standard computer in that it runs application(s) developed for a specific purpose(s).

Difference between Computer-based Interactive Kiosks and PFU KIOSKs

Conventional Computer-based Kiosk

It is difficult to use and maintain a Kiosk which is made up with off-the-shelf PC components because of the following concerns;

Are all the device connection interfaces integrated?
Is each of the device connectivity/compatibility assured?
Are all the components and peripherals covered by the Kiosk warranty?
What if one or more of the components won't be available due to its EOL (end-of-life)?

PFU Interactive KIOSKs

PFU Interactive KIOSKs provide operation management capabilities for the enterprise kiosk owners.

Also, PFU interactive KIOSKs must pass a comprehensive battery of intensive tests on durability, environment, and safety. PFU offers a long-term warranty program to gives enterprise kiosk owner peace of mind for many years.

Integrated process of design, development, and manufacturing
- ProDeS Center -

ProDeS Center

PFU interactive KIOSKs are designed, developed and manufactured in the "ProDeS center" located in Kahoku-shi, Ishikawa, Japan).

Fully optimized and streamlined design / development / manufacturing system and process enable speed to market and high quality of products.

Furthermore, ProDeS Center closely collaborates with the PFU Service Division for rapid nationwide rollout of products.
PFU capitalizes on the strengths of ProDeS center to quickly meet customer needs with high quality products.