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Case Studies

PFU interactive KIOSK Used in Many Situations

Since it launched its first kiosk in 1995, PFU has installed over 100,000 kiosks.

Currently, PFU KIOSKs are used as returning patients check in machine in hospital, point issuing kiosks in shops, ticket issuing kiosks, convenience store kiosks, reservation kiosks in public facilities, and front reception kiosks in hotels.


Reduces the reception time of returning patients and contributes to making clerical work efficient by integrating with an electronics medical record system or billing / accounting system

Department stores and shopping malls

  • Provides information on store events and promotions.
  • Issues points and gift certificates.
  • Performs product searches.
  • Reception kiosk.

Convenience stores

Improve services for customers by providing capabilities to reserve travel, movie, and concert tickets.

Public facilities

  • Provides information on events, facilities, community, and tourist locations
  • Provides searches of book availability and confirmation of the check-in and check-out status of the library books.