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Interactive KIOSK

A kiosk is an interactive system designed for public use that delivers information or enables transactions.
Standard or custom applications developed for information kiosks provide customers with information, the ability to participate in loyalty programs, and transaction capability. Enterprises deploy kiosks to increase customer loyalty, strengthen their brand with target customers, and reduce operational costs.

A kiosk includes a computer and a display screen and allows for customer input of data via an input device such as a touch screen or keyboard. A kiosk differs from a standard computer in that it runs application(s) developed for a specific purpose(s).

PFU Interactive KIOSKDetails

PFU Interactive KIOSKs are used by a vast range of clients, and used for various applications including returning patients check in machine in hospital, loyalty programs in retail stores, ticket issuance at convenience stores, and for reservation of public facilities.

In contrast to devices that combine computers and touch panels, PFU Interactive KIOSKs tightly integrate specialized kiosk components with intelligent middleware and a kiosk-specific application platform. The result is a highly reliable kiosk that provides stress free experience.

Kiosk applications enhance customer experience, strengthen brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, minimize labor, and reduce operating costs.

Product Introduction

Interactive MEDIASTAFF KIOSKDetails

PFU offers five MEDIASTAFF models - TM,TS,NP,MC and SmartPOT -- each designed to meet specific business needs. Together, these five models meet every business need with excellent usability, as well as with outstanding reliability and quality.


(Kiosk service platform for Web applications)

KIOSK SERVICE PLATFORM is a Web application platform for PFU interactive KIOSKs. This packaged development platform, exclusively available for PFU MEDIASTAFF KIOSKs, greatly reduces application development time and cost as well as ongoing operational and maintenance costs.